Off Grid Living

Off Grid Living With Solar Power


If you are Living in the remote area where there is no access to a public power utility or the cost of such a utility is exorbitantly high. Then you can consider off grid living. Standalone solar energy is one of the off-grid solutions for powering your household electrical utilities.

Solar Power – Photovoltaic

Off Grid Living

Solar energy is arguably the cleanest and reliable form of renewables available for powering your … Read the rest

Urban Green Spaces

Toronto Improving Its Urban GreenSpaces And Parks

Urban Green Spaces In Toronto

Toronto in Canada is considered a tower-city with Abundant and diverse green spaces. It does not only have high-rises in the downtown core but also in the many clusters located outside the centre in the inner suburb areas. Between the various tower clusters, are large urban green spaces and parking lots providing its residents and visitors perfect natural places for hanging out and unwinding.

The … Read the rest

Best Urban Wildlife Spotting

5 Best Tips For Urban Wildlife Spotting

Best Wildlife Spotting

The Urban environment might at times seem devoid of wildlife and people may wonder if there’s anything worth seeing. In reality, urban set ups can be home to quite some wildlife species. These consist mostly of species that utilize human-dominated ecosystems.

Urban wildlife can be as a result of human encroachment into their habitat or as a result of human activities. Suburban areas in cities create … Read the rest

Eco Friendly Earth

Simple Green Tips To Make Your Planet Healthy

Easy Tips To Make Your Planet Is Eco-Friendly And Healthy

Planet earth consists of a complex ecological system where living things interact with each other as well as with non-living things around them. For a well-balanced ecosystem, each and every individual organism has a role to play commonly known as a niche.

This very complex and unusual coexistence of living plants and their environment has been the foundation of energy … Read the rest

Spotting The Urban Wildlife

What You Need To Know About Wildlife Thermal Camera Imaging

Thermal Cameras Helps To  Spotting The Urban Wildlife

Thermal imaging is the technique of using the heat given off by objects for creating images or locating them in a dark environment and spotting urban wildlife.

This technology works on the natural principle that all objects emit infrared energy as a result of their temperatures. Nowadays thermal cameras used to monitor and locate wildlife in their natural habitat.

These particular cameras … Read the rest

Living Off The Grid

Living Off The Grid

Every day we rely on electrical energy in every aspect of our lives, be it for cooling, heating, lighting and much more. Most of the energy we consume is derived from fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal. It is then transmitted to us through the utility grid – assuming we live on it.

However, owners of homes that are off the grid have to explore other ways … Read the rest

Eco Friendly Environment

How To Be Environmentally Friendly

Introduction To Eco -Friendly Environment

Prevention and conservation of the environment should be everyone’s responsibility. We should set aside natural resources that aid in ensuring damage to the earth’s environment is minimised or eliminated. Most of the damages caused by the earth are always as a result of human activities such as logging, burning of fossil fuel among other activities.we all must Have to follow Eco Friendly Guidelines for this.… Read the rest

Off Grid Living

Four Best Ways To Generate Electricity While Living Off-Grid

Production Of  Electricity By Off-Grid Living

Deciding to live off the grid is certainly the best decision you can ever make. This is because it means shunning all public utilities for creating your own power. Off grid living comes with a lot of advantages, besides being very convenient, it also helps to reduce utility power costs.

The use of renewable energy is an alternative to living on the grid, in … Read the rest

Urban Green Spaces In North America

Best Urban Green Spaces In North America

Urban Green Spaces


Vancuvar Urban Green Spaces

Located in Canada, Vancouver is considered one of the greenest cities in North America. It is a vibrant city with numerous beaches, gardens lakes and parks. The 1000-acres Stanley Park is among the top urban parks in the world rife with a diverse ecosystem.

Vancouver is surrounded by a green environment from small neighbourhood green spaces to the massive destination parks and feature gardens. This city … Read the rest

Eco Friendly Environment

15 Ways To Go Eco Friendly

Various Ways To Go For The Eco-Friendly

To be able to contribute positively towards the conservation of our environment, you first need to understand certain terms used about this. In recent years, you must have probably heard words such as ‘going green’ or ‘eco-friendly.’

By fully understanding the true meaning of eco-friendly, you can participate in the practices that lead to a healthier living for the planet as … Read the rest