About Us

urban green spaces

Naturescapebc.ca is a Canadian urban blogging website which shares articles including the information about our nature and how our day to day life is affected because using the things that are harmful to our environment.

Through this blog, we would like to give you an idea of what to do to save our planet. For example, our vehicles are emitting very dangerous smoke that is harmful to us as well as for the environment.

As we know, the population in the world is increasing day by day due to which living spaces are getting shorter and shorter. Because of this, we are cutting down the trees and forest to make space for living. But we should be careful that we are reducing green spaces around us. These green spaces are essential for us and our day to day life.

You are lucky if got the chance to see the urban wildlife because we are all busy in our lives that we are unable to see them and by reducing green spaces we are making their life even more challenging. We can see them through the thermal imaging cameras in the night wandering on the roads.

Living off the grid is not easy as it seems instead it requires a lot of things to be compromised. You have no electricity, water, air conditioner, etc. But people are still living off the grid and enjoying their life by producing electricity through solar energy and by using portable air conditioners in their houses. They have made their luxurious living of the grid.