Best Urban Wildlife Spotting

5 Best Tips For Urban Wildlife Spotting

Best Wildlife Spotting

The Urban environment might at times seem devoid of wildlife and people may wonder if there’s anything worth seeing. In reality, urban set ups can be home to quite some wildlife species. These consist mostly of species that utilize human-dominated ecosystems.

Urban wildlife can be as a result of human encroachment into their habitat or as a result of human activities. Suburban areas in cities create healthy habitats for urban wildlife, the abundance of food, green spaces, water and places to breed. Urban wildlife spotting can be both exhilarating and adventurers only if you know where to find them. The following are the most common urban wildlife habitats:… Read the rest

Spotting The Urban Wildlife

What You Need To Know About Wildlife Thermal Camera Imaging

Thermal Cameras Helps To  Spotting The Urban Wildlife

Thermal imaging is the technique of using the heat given off by objects for creating images or locating them in a dark environment and spotting urban wildlife.

This technology works on the natural principle that all objects emit infrared energy as a result of their temperatures. Nowadays thermal cameras used to monitor and locate wildlife in their natural habitat.

These particular cameras equipped with devices that detect tiny differences in temperatures and collect the infrared radiation. Then creates electronic images based on information gathered about the temperature difference.

A thermal camera is an ideal companion for wildlife observation specifically during the night. Besides, it … Read the rest