15 Ways To Become More Eco-Friendly In Your Daily Life

Eco Friendly Environment

To be able to contribute positively towards the conservation of our environment, you first need to understand certain terms used about this. In recent years, you must have probably heard words such as ‘going green’ or becoming ‘eco-friendly.’

By fully understanding the true meaning of eco-friendly, you can participate in the practices that lead to healthier living for the planet as well as to its inhabitants. Therefore, going eco-friendly just means engaging in those practices that help to conserve resources as well as being earth-friendly. This practice also helps in preventing the pollution of air, water and the land in general.

Here Are Some Of The Ways Of Going Eco-Friendly


Sort out your household trash into different categories and recycle anything you can. Also, when you are doing any purchasing, ensure to buy products that are biodegradable and reusable as much as possible. Just with a little bit of creativity, most products are reusable whether paper, glass, wood or metal.

Never dispose-off empty jars, broken glasses and wine bottles in a landfill, instead of recycling them. Glass is a non-biodegradable material and may take years to decompose. Old newspapers, paper wraps, cardboard, and any other wood products can be sorted out and send for recycling. That will conserve trees as less will need for manufacturing paper and any other related products.

Eco friendly Energy Sources

Energy Conservation

All it requires is some discipline on your part. Always ensure to switch off any power appliances that are not necessary. Not only will you save energy but also a lot of money from your utility bills. Another way you can conserve energy is by using energy saving bulbs, change your regular lighting system and you will be surprised how much money you will save in the long run.

Embrace The Use Of Renewable Energy Sources

Use alternative sources of energy such as solar or the wind for your power needs. These renewable sources of energy are eco-friendly and do not involve any emissions. In fact, they are sustainable since power from the sun will always be available, besides your electricity bills will drop significantly.

Conserve Water

Water is considered to be life, therefore, always make a conscious choice to lower your consumption as much as possible. It is not always difficult to reduce your water consumption, just turn off taps when not in use, reduce your number of baths and if necessary take a shower instead.

Avoid any water pollution by discarding oils and paints into drains and if possible recycle wastewater and use it to water your garden.

Eco Friendly Trees

Plant Trees

Trees are known to be air purifiers when we breathe out carbon dioxide we take in oxygen produced by plants. Therefore, planting more trees will enhance a cleaner atmosphere, and the number of trees will get back to normal. Trees also offer excellent shelter for other animal species such as birds and insects, besides, it would also provide shade during hot seasons like in summer.

Drive Less

Most vehicles that we use consume fossil fuels such as gasoline to power their engines hence emitting exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. To counter this negative effect on the environment, always drive when necessary. For example, when your office is nearer to your home, it is better to walk than to drive. You can also use alternative means of transport such as cycling. Another option is to organize a carpool in your neighbourhood for either work or school.

Grow Organic Food

If you have a spacious garden in your backyard, you can consider growing your vegetables. Most vegetables that we buy usually grown with chemicals and pesticides. Therefore planting your own will provide you with organic food of high quality. That will be not only healthy for you but also eco-friendly as there will be no chemical pollution introduced into the soil.

Eco friendly

Compost Manure

You can reduce trash by sorting out biodegradable items and turning them into compost manure. Have a few compost bins in your garden as this will contribute to the proper management of household trash. Since manure is good for the environment, you can use them to grow your vegetables at the same time reducing the amount of litter.

Restoring The Environment

You can volunteer your time and organize for environmental restoration in your neighbourhood. Have community groups coming together to clean up your locality, plant trees and even educating them. You can also participate in rallies whose agenda is to promote and raise issues concerning the environment.

Adapt Your Yard

If you have a yard, create a garden plot by planting vegetable that does not require any chemical additives. Practice the most natural ways of managing your garden, for example, using compost manure instead of fertilizers and mulching to retain water moisture in the soil. Make your yard friendly to wildlife such as birds and butterflies by planting various types of trees and flowers.

Reusable Eco Friendly Products

Avoid Single-Use Products

When shopping, always avoid single-use products such as plastic bags. Instead, choose reusable products that pack with wrappers that are either biodegradable or can recycle. Plastic bags have adverse effects on the environment since they contain toxic loads, and if landfilled they take a very long time to decompose.

Never Accept Giveaways

When provided with giveaways that you don’t need, reject them politely. That could be straws in a restaurant or promotional gifts; this will not only save the company some amount of money but also avoid consuming goods that are not necessarily needed.

Eco friendly Eating Habits

Change Our Eating Habits

If possible always try to use unprocessed foods, each pound of local food you purchase is equivalent to a quarter pound of climate change emissions prevented. If possible grow your garden as this will provide you with healthy food free from chemical toxins.

Fix Equipment When It Breaks Down

Whenever any of your gear fails, it is better to try and fix it before buying a new one. If you can’t do it yourself, seek the help of an expert to do it for you. However, if your equipment is hoary and you must buy another one, consider selling, giving it away or recycling before the purchase of a new one.

Sell What You Don’t Need

There is no use keeping household items that you no longer need. Host a sale yard and sell these items off, as a result, you will not only make money for yourself but also contribute to the conservation of the environment. People will acquire items from you instead of buying new ones.


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