Best Urban Green SpacesTo Visit In North America

Urban Green Spaces In North America

North American Cities That Have Urban Green Spaces


Located in Canada, Vancouver is considered one of the greenest cities in North America. It is a vibrant city with numerous beaches, gardens lakes and parks.  Vancouver is surrounded by a green environment from small neighbourhood green spaces to the massive destination parks and feature gardens. This city prides itself of more than 230 urban green spaces that are maintained by Vancouver Park Board.

The 1000-acres Stanley Park is among the top urban parks in the world rife with a diverse ecosystem.  Queen Elizabeth Park is yet another urban green space in Vancouver, and it is only 15 minutes away by car or public transit from downtown.

It is considered a horticultural jewel for this beautiful city, and it draws floral display enthusiasts to it. Located at 152 meters above sea level, it is the highest point in Vancouver.

Vancuvar Urban Green Spaces


Nashville Tennessee in the USA boasts of the majestic beauty of its green spaces, parks, and waterways. This has made it be ranked among the top cities with urban green spaces in North America. Currently, Nashville has over 12,000 acres of free space which include 108 Parks and 19 greenways.

Nashville places a high emphasis on protecting its green spaces and linking them with greenway trails. In fact, there are over 190 miles of trails in Davidson County. These trails within the parks are used for walking, mountain biking, and hiking

Metro Park Natural areas offer the best natural urban environment in Nashville. The six natural area parks constitute a total of 7,000 acres of hills and hollows, forests and meadows, and rivers and streams. The benefits of this natural area parks to the ecosystem are endless, from giving fresh air, beautiful sunshine to offering the perfect place for outdoor activities.

Urban Green Spaces


Boston, Massachusetts is the greenest and the most energy-efficient city in North America. Apart from being known for the deep American history, Boston is also a place of lush green places where visitors and locals alike can unwind from their hectic lives and embrace nature in its natural form.

One of the most popular locations in the city to enjoy green spaces is the Boston Common and Boston Public Garden. Boston Common in the heart of the town is the oldest park, and it covers an area of 50 acres.

To the west of Boston Common is the 24 acre Boston Public Garden that has an iconic lagoon famous for swan boats. There are other five parks and an arboretum all linked by parkways and waterways, its approximately 7 miles by foot from Boston Common to Franklin Park.

Urban Green Spaces Boston

San Francisco

San Francisco, California USA is a city characterized by parks and urban green spaces. In fact, they must have more green space than any other municipality in the USA. This town boasts of over 220 parks and other open spaces you can enjoy throughout the city.

The Golden Gate Park is San Francisco’s greatest treasure and within it, you will come across gardens, playgrounds, picnic groves, trails and monuments. The park’s diverse ecosystem makes it suitable for urban dwellers to come and relax as they connect with the natural world.

The San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum has several varieties of plants from all over the world that they grow and conserve. The 55-acre garden is well landscaped with open spaces.  Also, you can explore the garden’s unique plant collections from different parts of the world.

Urban Green Spaces San Francisco


About 8.5% of the land area of Chicago, Illinois USA is reserved for parks and free space usually open to the public. Some of Chicago’s parks include Millennium Park, Grant Park, and Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park sits along Lake Michigan just north of downtown Chicago. The park is home to Lincoln Park zoo which provides shelter to about 1,200 animal species.

Urban Green Spaces in Chicago

New Orleans

New Orleans Louisiana offers many ways of reconnecting with Mother Nature. The City Park is one of the best recreational spaces that is considered a paradise, it is the cities heart and soul. Strolling through this magnificent park lets you through live oaks some of which are over 600 years old. A museum of art is also located in within the park as well as being able to enjoy other outdoor activities such as picnics and boat riding among others.

City Park’s Botanical Gardens features winding limestone paths with islands of native and exotic ferns under huge live oak trees. The environment is serene, and it draws you away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Urban Green Spaces in New Orleans


Portland, Oregon in the USA is one of the green cities in North America.  Their green spaces ranging from flower-filled parks to landscaped gardens, urban forests to waterfront venues. Forest Park located in the city’s west corner, provides wilderness within minutes of downtown Portland. It is about 13 km in length and provides a habitat for over 112 bird species as well as 62 mammal species. It has a 113 km of trails suitable for hikers.

Hoyt Arboretum within Washington Park hosts about 1,000 different species of trees and shrubs. The Arboretum has 21 trails that cover 12 miles of which two are suitable for wheelchairs and visitors who appreciate firm footing.

Tom McCall Water Front Park is one of Portland’s famous Parks and usually plays a host to summer activities. It has a grassy expanse and offers an ideal place to unwind as you watch the beautiful scenery.

 Urban Green Spaces Portland


Savannah, Georgia a coastal city is known for its manicured parks and urban open green spaces. The public squares of Savanna provide the city residents as well as visitors a little greenery amid all the historic houses.

Today Savannah has 22 squares which are surrounded by some beautiful churches, museums, and homes all shaded with huge live oak trees. The large grassy spaces attract people and many activities such as weddings, picnicking or children playing football are done here.

Another great location of interest in Savannah is Skidaway Island, State Park. It provides scenic camping, hiking and picnicking opportunities. The park has trails that lead you through a maritime forest with several types of tree species.

Savannah GA green spaces

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