How To Be Environmentally Friendly

Eco Friendly Environment

Introduction To Eco -Friendly Environment

Prevention and conservation of the environment should be everyone’s responsibility. We should set aside natural resources that aid in ensuring damage to the earth’s environment is minimised or eliminated. Most of the damages caused by the earth are always as a result of human activities such as logging, burning of fossil fuel among other activities.we all must Have to follow Eco Friendly Guidelines for this.

Being concerned with the environment is essential as this will save our world and making it a better place for everyone to live in and for the future generation. You can contribute positively towards caring for the environment in the following ways:

Protect Water Resources

Eco Friendly Protect Water

Protecting water resources does not only save you money but also helps to conserve the environment. By paying attention to how to use your water resources, you can considerably cut down on water wastage.

The energy needed to pump and treat fresh water will be conserved therefore reducing the stress this all process has on the environment. One way of conserving water is by Ensuring your water system is free from leakages and never leaving running taps unattended.

Reduce harmful land erosion caused by agricultural practices such as the use of chemicals on your crops. These chemicals will wash into water sources and hence pose a danger to both aquatic ecosystems as well as to human life.

In your household, never use harmful chemicals for your cleaning purposes but instead opt for alternative cleaning agents that are less harmful to the environment. You should also have a proper management plan for disposing of dangerous, hazardous wastes such as paints, chemical solutions, and motor oil. Some local authority departments provide toxic waste sites for proper disposal.

Clean Atmosphere

Eco Friendly Clean atmosphere

The most contributors of air pollution are the use of fossil fuels for running machines and power plants. These facilities pollute the air through their exhaust fumes.

One of the ways to reduce this is by practicing energy conservation in our homes. Always switch off your power utilities that are not in use to minimize power consumption. You can also opt for renewable sources of energy such as solar power as these are always sustainable and eco-friendly.

Avoid depending on automobiles as the only means of transport. Most vehicles run on fossil fuels which when they burn emit exhaust fumes into the environment. If your office is not far off from your home, you can practice walking, or you may seek the services of public vehicles.

Use bicycles instead of vehicles that emit dangerous gases for conserving the environment. You can also organise in your neighbourhood to carpool either to school or work.

Learn to be an environmental savvy shopper because everything you buy affects the earth, but some choices have a lesser impact on the environment. Buy consumer goods that are locally manufactured to avoid the entire process imported goods take to reach you as these cuts down on carbon footprints. Also, be concerned about the way consumer goods are packaged and always go for recyclable products.

You can form restoration groups in your neighborhood and help in cleaning up a street in your locality. Such groups can serve to bring awareness to the community on the importance of protecting our environment.

Protect Land And Wildlife

Eco Friendly Protect Land And Wildlife

For a healthy ecosystem, both plants and animals must coexist together on the planet as they all are dependent on each other for their survival. Plant more trees since they are known to be air purifiers.

Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which we all need and hence making the air clean. Besides attracting rain, trees can also help in reducing soil erosion and preventing the land from barrenness. Plant different species of flower and any other vegetation in your backyard. This does not only provide shelter for birds and insects but can provide them with a source of food.

We should view wild animals as part of our ecosystem and instead of killing them we should offer them protection. Recently, human encroachments into wildlife habitats led to wildlife-human conflicts resulting to the extinction of wildlife in some places.

It is vital to realize that every animal is important and has a role to play in the ecosystem. This will perhaps change the perception of most people and take part in their protection. You can also join groups formed to champion the rights and respect of animal lives. If we all join hands in doing good to our environment. Then the earth will become a better place for the entire ecosystem.

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